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Re: ObjC improvements and ObjC++

> Now that Apple's developers are happily banging away on Panther
> and Xcode and GCC 3.3, we have an opportunity to get local work
> on Objective-C into FSF GCC 3.4, and to get started on Obj-C++
> as well.

Excellent! :-)

> However, the local changes are lengthy and somewhat intertwined,
> and it seems like excessive makework to try to separate and patch
> them into the trunk one at a time; so I'd like to have a relatively
> short-lived objc-improvements-branch to stage the changes, test
> them away from Apple's other local changes and on other platforms,
> with GNUstep, etc, and then move them into the trunk en masse.

Ok.  Sounds nice.  I'll try to gather a few GNUstep testers when the
branch reaches a mature stage.

> [...]
> We will also need to work up a spec of just exactly what ObjC++
> is expected to do; we have an empirical understanding that says
> "C++ and ObjC objects are mutually oblivious", and "plain ObjC
> (modulo C) and plain C++ code both work unchanged", but that
> needs to defined more precisely.

It would be nice to include such spefication/documentation in GCC or as a
project "related" to GCC.

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