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Re: Cleanups for the m68k backend

On Monday 07 July 2003 13:11, Gunther Nikl wrote:

 > > Besides, the Amiga has favoured the Motorola syntax over the MIT
 > > syntax, so it's likely they've turned on MOTOROLA in their GCC
 > > patches.
 >   Wrong. The AmigaOS/68k port always used a.out and MIT. There was no
 >   switch.

 I wonder how they manage to link objects together in m68k programs
embedding PPC routines to speed up computations (jfif.datatype comes
to mind).

 Using the MIT syntax on the Amiga is innatural: any native Amiga
assembler has been using the Motorola syntax exclusively.

 By the way, according to GAS documentation it shouldn't be a problem:

   The standard Motorola syntax for this chip differs from the syntax
   already discussed (*note Syntax: M68K-Syntax.).  `as' can accept
   Motorola syntax for operands, even if MIT syntax is used for other
   operands in the same instruction.  The two kinds of syntax are fully

And this:

   The 680x0 version of `as' uses instructions names and syntax
   compatible with the Sun assembler.  Intervening periods are ignored;
   for example, `movl' is equivalent to `mov.l'.

 > > If we deprecate these remaining platforms, we can finally say
 > > goodbye to this dual-syntax maintenance hell.
 >   I don't see MIT/Motorola syntax as a maintenance obstacle. Lets keep
 > it that way.

 It is: look in gcc/config/m68k.c to see how messy it is to work with.

  // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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