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Re: [tree-ssa libmudflap long] multithreading fixes, build reorg, testsuite extensions

Hi -

> Are you saying that I can do commits? I understood that posting to
> gcc-patches in the way to go [...]

For now, it's the latter, but for working changes, it will be
less hassle than keeping a composite growing diff on your own.

> Talking about tests... I had my tests running all day, and after
> about 10 hours I see this logged:
> mf: erroneous reentrancy detected in `__mf_register'
> ssasrsv.orig: ../../../gcc/libmudflap/mf-runtime.c:668: __mf_check:
> Assertion `rc==0' failed.
> [...]
> mf-runtime.c:668 is the first line of __mf_check, a  LOCKTH ().

That indicates that a thread was trying to acquire the lock even
though it already had it.  That is of course not supposed to happen.

> BTW, this error did show up once, very early in the tests, in
> a non-critical program. [...] It logged a line identical to 
> the first above and aborted.

A program like that should be added to the test suite.

- FChE

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