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Re: Mainline snapshots

>>Wouldn't it be simpler and less cluttering to continue
>>to have the current "Monday-dated" folders and
>>"gcc-3_3-xxx" and "gcc-mainline-xxx" snapshot archives
>>within them?
> I originally thought about it, but...
>>Or would it incur too much overhead at one go on the
>>server rolling out these snapshots?
> ...this was one of the issues (though not a major one), others being the
> load caused by and for mirror sites which is now spread more evenly.
> Also, problems with CVS or the gcc_release script then would hose two
> snapshots at once, while with the current setup there are (at least)
> two days for repair and adjustments.
> Finally, putting snapshots from two branches makes removing older
> snapshots harder and the overall structure more complex, given that
> I would like to retain the last n snapshots of every branch in the
> future, as a service to users like the BSD port collections.

May I then suggest that we create a "3.3" and "mainline"
subfolder within "gcc/snapshots" and then have folders
like "2003-06-23", "2003-06-30", etc. within "3.3" and
"2003-07-02", "2003-07-09", etc. within "mainline".

IMHO this will help organise things better (simpler and
more consistent) than the current scheme.

My 2p.


Ranjit Mathew          Email: rmathew AT hotmail DOT com

Bangalore, INDIA.      Web:

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