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Re: GCC 3.3, GCC 3.4

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

> I think the longer gcc, as a project, goes on without an autobuild
> continuous regression checker, the worse off things will get. It was
> nice of Red Hat to initially support this effort, but it is obvious that
> this time is past as the regression checker is long dead. Somebody else
> will have to step up with the bandwidth, time, and machine to do this.

The one that Geoff was running at Red Hat is now running at Apple (Darwin 
native only, rather than one native and two cross).  I think there's also 
a separate one running on athlon_mp-pc-linux-gnu (look for Autocrasher in 
the gcc-regression archives).

However, we do need a simple system for anyone (with a fast enough system) 
to be able to set up the tester and run it, and have the results all go 
into a single mail if they arrive in time (to avoid twenty mails going out 
whenever the tree is broken).  All primary platforms should be covered, 
and any secondary platforms or crosses with simulators available that 
someone wants to run the tester for.  Also testers running on release 
branches would be useful.

And I think development policies need to be changed to freeze the tree if
a regression persists for more than a few days; too often the old tester
had regressions persisting, unfixed, for a month or more.

Joseph S. Myers

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