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3.2.1 installed on i686-pc-linux-gnu (Red Hat 7.2)

I considered holding off on a report until Mark's official announcement,
but as there have been at least three reports already:

I installed GCC 3.2.1 (all languages except Ada) on a box with the
following setup:

Red Hat Linux 7.2
Dual Intel(R) XEON(TM) CPU 2.20GHz
glibc: glibc-2.2.4-31
binutils: binutils-2.13.1

Test results can be found at

However, the test_summary script does not report all failures.
In particular, my log from "make -k check" shows the following
libiberty failures:

FAIL: --format=java _ZN4java3awt10ScrollPane7addImplEPNS0_9ComponentEPNS_4lang6ObjectEi
   result: nrecognized <special-name>.nrecognized <special-name>.nrecognized <special-name>.nrecognized <special-name>.
 expected: java.awt.ScrollPane.addImpl(java.awt.Component, java.lang.Object, int)
FAIL: --format=java _ZN4java3awt4geom15AffineTransform9getMatrixEP6JArrayIdE
   result: nrecognized <special-name>.nrecognized <special-name>.nrecognized <special-name>.
 expected: java.awt.geom.AffineTransform.getMatrix(double[])
FAIL: --format=java _ZN23Mangle$Inner$InnerInner3fooEP6JArrayIPS0_IiEEdPS0_IPS0_IPS0_IPS0_IPN4java4lang6StringEEEEEPS0_IPS0_IPN6MangleEEE
   result: nrecognized <special-name>.
 expected: Mangle$Inner$[][], double, java.lang.String[][][][], Mangle[][])
FAIL: --format=java _ZN6JArray1tEP6JArrayIPS_E
 expected: JArray.t(JArray[])
FAIL: --format=java _ZN4Prim1iEibcdfwPN4java4lang6StringEsx
   result: nrecognized <special-name>.nrecognized <special-name>.
 expected: Prim.i(int, boolean, byte, double, float, char, java.lang.String, short, long)
5 of 648 tests failed

It seems that test_summary will only report on failures that are recorded
in xxx.sum files, and the libiberty tests don't follow that approach.

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