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Re: Status of SSE builtins

On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Jan Hubicka wrote:
> I am attaching the 3.2 changes.  In case you feel it as good idea, I
> will apply same changes to 3.3 too.


> I am not sure whether people see 3.3 as successor 3.2.1 or whether they
> see them independent (as they really are)

Usually, GCC 3.x.1 should not differ too much from 3.x, so if we made
a substantial change in both 3.x.1 and mainline, I believe we should
announce that in both places, because someone might have tried/looked
at 3.x and concluded that it was not useful for him.

> Index: gcc-3.2/changes.html
> ===================================================================
> +    <li>Fixed number of bugs in SSE and MMX intrinsics.</li>

...a number...

> +    <li>ABI fixes (implying ABI incompatibilities with previous version in some
> +    side cases)</li>

I believe this should be "corner case".

> Index: gcc-3.3/changes.html
> ===================================================================
> !     <li>The SPARC, HP-PA, SH4, and partly x86 ports have been converted to
>           use the DFA processor pipeline description.</li>

What does "partly" mean here? Can we list the exact list of ports

> + 	  <li>SSE2 and 3dNOW! intrinsics are now supported</li>

"supported." (with a full stop; I believe there is also a similar case
in gcc-3.2/changes.html).

> + 	  <li>Support for thread local storeage has been added to both IA-32


> + 	      and x86-64 ports.

to the IA-32 and x86-64 ports

> + 	  <li>The x86-64 port has been significantly improved</li>

Full stop. (How has it been improved? In terms of performance of the
generated code?)

Both patches are fine with those minor changes; thanks!

Gerald "Jerry"

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