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Re: basic-block profiling

On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 12:58:03PM -0600, Saisanthosh Balakrishnan wrote:
> > You're looking for -fprofile-arcs and -ftest-coverage in GCC 3.2; those
> > are the new block (edge, really) profiler.
> I'm aware of those two flags. But, is gcov capable of producing output
> similar to bb.out (i.e. not produce simple.c.gcov, but give per bb
> info) ?  From my understanding, it cannot. So, I'd have to use the
> .bb, .bbg and .da files to get such info.

That's right, it cannot do that.  A tool to do that would be useful.

The format of those files has changed for what will be GCC 3.3.  If
you write such a tool you should base it on the GCC mainline to use
the new format so that you won't need to rewrite it later.

> This leads me to an other question, can gcov produce annotated .s
> file (simple.s.gcov) instead of simple.c.gcov?


> IMHO, if -a, and -ax were removed, the documentation should have been
> updated.

The documentation for those options was removed in the mainline and in
the 3.2 branch, but in the branch there was still a mention of the
options under -profile-arcs; I've just submitted a patch to remove that.


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