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Re: Which gcc version to test?

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 11:25:54AM +0200, Karel Gardas wrote:
> maybe it is silly question, but I'm preparing some build-pool of our
> software here ( and so I'd like to know which version
> of gcc is the most required to test. If it's gcc 3.2.1 pre or if it's gcc
> 3.3 pre. Now we're working with gcc 2.95.3-4 only...
> BTW: I'm asking because this testing consumes some resources and probably
> we'll not have enough for testing both branches...

If your testing will be done on a regular basis, I recommend using the
3.2 branch originally and then switching to the 3.3 branch when it is
created.  The 3.2 branch is quite stable and so should be easier to use
for setting up your testing.  GCC 3.2.1 is expected to release fairly
soon, but bugs you find can be fixed for a GCC 3.2.2 release, if there
is one and if they are regressions from earlier versions.  Bugs found
in 3.2.x can be fixed for GCC 3.3 if they exist there as well, even if
they are not regressions.

I see that MICO is written in C++.  The C++ language accepted by GCC 3.x
is very close to conforming to the ISO C++ standard, which is not the
case with the 2.95 compiler.  Depending on how MICO is written, you
might have a lot of work to do updating the code to compile with the
newer compiler.  The web page lists several native C++ compilers that
are used for building MICO, so perhaps it's already in good shape.

When you switch your testing from GCC 3.2 to GCC 3.3 you're likely to
find more compiler bugs; presumably that's the whole purpose of the
exercise.  Thanks a lot for doing this, it helps the quality of GCC
releases to find and report bugs as early as possible.

Janis Johnson
IBM Linux Technology Center

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