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Re: Ada/GNAT runtime library?

Bernd Trog wrote:
> Robert Dewar <> wrote:
> > > Why not put it somewhere on
> > It's clear in the makefile, and publishing the list
> > might make people think that GNAT can be built for
> > all these targets which is not the case (at least
> > we have not tried some of them).
> Well, right now I don't see ANY restritions mentioned
> on regarding language/platform
> compatibility :-(

There are multiple pieces required
to support an arbitrary language/platform combination.
Each can either not support or be broken.  Unfortunately,
I don't think that is a master list of what piece does
not support what. :(  I don't think a single person can 
generate it given the wide variety of knowledge required.  
It could be merged by a single person though.  

For a language/platform combination to work, these 
general categories must be supported in gcc assuming 
that the language and platform are supported at all:

   + port backend must support all features required
     by language frontend
   + run-time must be ported to CPU family
   + run-time must be ported to platform

So I would think that the list you are looking for would 
have to include a top level that was CPU family vs language
and run-time.  A yes would indicate that any platform within
that family is supported.  

The next level down would have to list platforms within
a CPU family.  

For example, say Ada works on powerpc-linux but not 
powerpc-winnt.  It would get a yes on the highest level
for powerpc, but a mix of yes and no on the powerpc 
platform specific section.

I would think that the existence of this list would help
people choose a project to work on.  

> > > What puzzels me, is the close dependancy between
> > the
> > > OS and the CPU for the GNARL.
> > > e.g.
> > > GNU/Linux x86 works
> > > GNU/Linux Alpha don't work
> >
> > Why should this puzzle you. The interface to the
> > threads library is different in these two versions
> > of GNU/Linux, in particular, one is 32 bit and one
> > is 64-bit.
> OK, that makes sense.
> What about Ada on GNU/Linux ARM? (its a 32 bit, too)

In this case, the first requirement I listed above is not
satisfied.  The ARM port backend and Ada do not get along
well enough to complete a build of Ada.  Similarly for the
m68k and sh.

> > It's easy enough to build a GNU/Linux Alpha version
> > of GNAT, others have done it for sure.
> So, we can add GNU/Linux Alpha to the list?

Sounds like it based upon Dr. Dewar's comments.

> Bernd
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