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Re: Ada/GNAT runtime library?

On Friday 18 October 2002 01:00, Robert Dewar wrote:
> <<does anyone knows for which OSs the GNAT runtime
> library works?
> Or even better, where it is documented?
> As far as I know, the DOS port was never completed.

I built also GNAT when building GCC-3.2 for DJGPP distribution.
(I used --target=i586-pc-msdosdjgpp, but built on Pentium III).
Only 2 small patches were needed, to get it build. Files are uploaded
for DJGPP distribution, but I haven't get any feedback about them,
so I don't know even how complete thay work, as I'm not using
ADA myself (some trivial test samples compiles and run, that's all
I have tested). I'm almost sure there are DOS caused limitations
(eg. tasking is unlikely to work, etc).

Off topic here, but I had to modify libstdc++-v3 headers for DJGPP in 
ports of gcc-3.0.X, and I made a terrible bug there (std::ofstream class 
was near completely broken), but no one else reported it for almost half a 
year. It was really reported by somebody else when I had already fixed that. 
I guess that ADA is less used than C++ with DJGPP, so it's even less likely 
to expect much feedback (unfortunatelly). 

So I'm afraid that DOS support may be slightly bitrotted. But without real 
feedback and users participation this bitrotting is perhaps going to continue.


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