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Re: Problems building GNAT on OS X with top-of-tree

Dale wrote:
I'm focussing now on finding out why this problems does not occur with
the C front end, which seems to use the same method for outputting
variables in the common section.
You could do that.   Alternatively, I see that the correct sequence is
generated for ada__exceptions__null_occurrence, which is also a .comm
symbol.  You might look and see what's different about the symbols.
This is probably just a matter of getting some field set correctly.
Actually, I tried to build with -fno-common and a few files later,
while compiling ali.adb with stage1/gnat, we fail in a clearer way:

ali.s:unknown:Can't emit reloc {- symbol "LSJR827"} @ file address 30708.
ali.s:unknown:Can't emit reloc {- symbol "LSJR827"} @ file address 30704.
ali.s:unknown:Undefined local symbol L149$pb

The piece of assembly in question is:
mflr r31
addis r31,r31,ha16(L149$pb-LSJR827)
addi r31,r31,lo16(L149$pb-LSJR827)

This reference is generated by machopic_function_base_name () in darwin.c,
but there is no documentation as to who should generate this label...


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