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Re: GCC floating point usage

>>>>> Mark Mitchell writes:

Mark> We're still hung up on a more basic problem, though; the RS6000
Mark> maintainers haven't yet made an up-or-down decision on the idea of
Mark> the flag...

	I do not fundamentally object to a commandline option, for some
set of semantics which remains ambigous in this discussion, IMHO.  I would
prefer if GCC implicitly avoided referencing FPRs in functions that do not
otherwise use floating point computations instead of an explicit option.

	I believe there are problems with the implementations of the flag
presented so far, both from a GCC Internals perspective (e.g., reload) and
a code generation perspective (e.g., emitting two successive GPR load or
store instructions which are not scheduled).

	I am reserving final judgment until I see a complete definition of
the semantics and an implementation that is more universally accepted as
correct.  Neither Geoff nor I want to take on the maintenance burden of a
flawed patch.


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