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Re: new edge coverage profiler on gcc 3.3

Nathan Sidwell <> writes:
> (Separately) I think we should break them out of libgcc into a
> libgcov, so that they work with a shared link of libgcc. We can have
> a spec which turns -fcoverage into -lgcov. This is appropriate for
> 3.4, but is it too for 3.3?

While I've only been playing with coverage for a few days, I think a
separate library for the coverage infrastructure code makes a lot of
sense.  Perhaps we need to go beyond a single -lgcov library that is
automatically linked with -fcoverage though.  Some of the processors
I'd like to get coverage information from don't have access to
nicities like filesystems, so information that is collected has to be
proxied to the control plane, then later transfered to a workstation
for analysis.  

I guess I'm saying that in addition to separating the coverage code
into its own library, we mustn't preclude users from supplying their
own versions.  With that in mind, it would be nice if there was
adequate documentation of the coverage API for users to write their


J.T. Conklin

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