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Re: Request of new __attribute__ for switch statements (elimination of the bounds check)

I would prefer to have an attribute on enumurated types that says a
value of that type is always one of the enum values:

  enum __attribute__ ((strict_enum)) { CAT, FISH, RABBIT } Pet;

(It would be appropriate to add a warning when an enum with this
attribute is converted to an integer).

Then any switch statement, without adornment, would be able to assume
a value of that type is in the range.  _If_ every enum label is
mentioned in the switch, there is no need for the bounds check.  (GCC
already checks enum labels in a switch if `-Wswitch' is used, which
may be helpful).

There would be no bounds in check in code like this:

  Pet my_pet;
  /* ... */
  switch (my_pet) {
    case CAT:    /* ... */
    case FISH:   /* ... */
    case RABBIT: /* ... */

The reason I like this is that this attribute could improve the
performance of the many programs which use enums, while keeping the
GCC-specific attribute in the place where it is least intrusive.
Also, many more programs _could_ be changed easily to use enums in
place of #defines, and it would be nice to offer a potential
performance enhancement for those programs too.

You can use this attribute to achieve Kevin's goal of faster threaded
interpretation, but it is a bit ugly.  For a byte-code dispatch, you'd
have to define an enum with 256 scratch names, and cast your byte to
that type in the switch.  For a sparse dispatch, you'd have to use a
different enum type.  It's a bit ugly but might be ok with macros.

Anyway, I prefer the enum attribute simply because it is useful for
many programs in a way which is doesn't intrude on most of the code,
i.e. there are usually more switch statements than type definitions.
E.g. GCC itself could benefit (lots of switch statements there!).

-- Jamie

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