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Re: beginner development is your friend.  You've got all sorts of info on the
technical how's of contributing.  Also, you've got a projects page
( that has tons of stuff there for beginners.
Have fun.


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From: "Wesley Pegden" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 1:28 PM
Subject: beginner development

> hello,
> I'm a loyal linux user new to the development side of the open source
> community and looking to contribute to that which has given me so much.
>  Having looked at your beginners project page, I was thinking about
> trying to do some warning squelching, and maybe some bug patrol as well.
>  Are there any specific projects suitable for someone unfamiliar with
> GCC's codebase like me that you would like to assign me to?  My
> programming has gotten a little rusty over the last years, but I want to
> work hard to help out the project.  I also understand I need to fill out
> some forms and submit those.  Are those available for download?
> Thanks for your time, and I hope I can help,
> Wesley Pegden

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