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Re: quote marks [was: Status of i18n patches]

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, Paul Koning wrote:

> Quotes are language-dependent.  201c/201d may be right for English,
> but not for Dutch (which uses ,, for open quote) nor French (which
> quotes with << and >>), to mention just a few examples.

Obviously each language should use the correct quotes for that language in
its message catalog.  Where this requires Unicode (as for English), the
message catalogs should be UTF-8 encoded (which, long-term, is probably
correct for all languages anyway); gettext can, with recent enough glibc
(and hopefully recent enough libiconv) translate character sets on output
with transliteration of characters not supported in the output character
set (e.g. transliterating Unicode quotes to ASCII ones for an ISO-8859-1

I don't however know what the correct solution for English for getting
proper quotes is.  (English language users using UTF-8 will have LC_CTYPE
set appropriately, e.g. to en_GB.UTF-8, but not necessarily LC_MESSAGES.)

In any case ` is not an appropriate ASCII quote (though it is an
appropriate TeX quote, which should be used in Texinfo manuals).

Joseph S. Myers

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