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Re: gcc-3_2-branch bootstrap failure when using bison-1.50

 > From: Matthias Klose <doko at cs dot tu-berlin dot de> 
 > Bootrapping the gcc-3_2-branch using bison-1.50 is broken. Reverting
 > back to bison-1.35 works. HEAD does work well using bison-1.50
 > cd /build/gcc/gcc-3.2-3.2.1ds3/src/gcc && \
 > if bison  -o c-p$$.c c-parse.y; then \
 >   test -f c-p$$.output && mv -f c-p$$.output c-parse.output ; \
 >   mv -f c-p$$.c c-parse.c ; \
 > else \
 >   rm -f c-p$$.* ; \
 >   false ; \
 > fi
 > c-parse.y:1432.2-1436.10: type clash (`' `ttype') on default action

I checked into this one, patches were submitted for the trunk and
installed back in June for these problems.  E.g. see:

I guess this and other similar patches for the other .y files weren't
backported to the 3.2 branch.  This shouldn't be too bad since the
actual GCC-3.2.x release tar file will contain the necessary bison
output of a suitable bison version.  In the mean time, I suggest just
not using bison-1.50 for testing 3.2.x CVS snapshots.

I'll leave it to our release manager to decide if this issue warrants
backporting the relevant patches or not.

	Thanks for reporting this,
Kaveh R. Ghazi

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