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Re: What to do about already reported bugs


First I want to thank the contributors to gcc library. As an application developer I was never aware of the complexities of issues at the compiler level. Now I'm finding out ...

Currently I'm running through the post install tests using 'make test' or in my case mkcheck. I found undefined reference in the following (std::codecvt, std::char_traits, std::ctype, std::moneypunct, std::numpunct, pthread_join)

I'm not worried about the bugs as long as I can develop my application.

Thanks. wrote:

On Fri, 2002-10-11 at 15:41, damovand wrote:

Hi everyone,

First thanks to those of you who responded to my first question, I found the documentation link.

I tested my build by using 'mkcheck 0' command and found a list of failures as reported on (for i686-pc-linux-gnu). Since these bugs still can I still use the compiler? I found a number of posts regarding one of the bugs, char_traits, but my searches haven't turned up anything regarding what to do about it.

Yes, all known compilers have bugs - ours just lets you find out the
ones we already know about via a testsuite ;)

re: char_traits - could you post a testcase of what you are trying to


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