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Re: gcc-backend query..

>[1] from the gcc-sources It is found that the back-end IR [AST] can be
>used for per-function RTL conversion....

Yes.  Some front ends parse an entire function at a time into trees (AST),
and then convert the entire function trees into RTL.  Some older ones parse
one statement and a time and then convert one statement at a time into RTL.

>[2]Is there any way,to gurantee and proceed that these RTL codes
>[generated-per-function],can give rise to an executable / object code..??

I am not sure what you are asking, since gcc isn't going to generate RTL for
a function unless it is planning on emitting object code.  If you emit RTL
into a function, it will end up in the object code.  If you want to create
your own functions, then you need to use a different set of interfaces.

>{ there are files final.c and other's but the functions are not much

Probably the clearest way to understand what cc1 is doing is to step through
it in gdb while compiling a trivial testcase.  The functions in final.c only
do the final conversion from RTL to assembly language.  Try looking at
rest_of_compilation and in the C front end c_expand_body.


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