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Re: 2 new regression on darwin6.1

Expect bugs don't seem to be the cause of this, which is great, but just for background...

There were some kernel bugs that were causing expect to hang waiting for a program that exited. One bug caused wait to sometimes not return when the program died, this one was fixed in Jaguar. Another caused loss of output from a program that had died (when the program was killed the output buffers were not being flushed or something). This one can be worked around by judicious sleep's before exit (I think the folks here hacked around it this way in gcc - Stan or somebody would know more). It is also fixed, but not in a released kernel.

With these two fixes, expect now seems to run both the gcc & gdb testsuites well on X. Actually, gdb was only hit by the former bug, so its testsuite runs fine on straight Jaguar.


On Thursday, October 10, 2002, at 10:26 PM, Aldy Hernandez wrote:

"Andreas" == Andreas Tobler <> writes:

so far I couldn't find what is the reason for, but on darwin6.1 I get
2 regressions by this evening.
IOW, the tests passed with last nights cvs on trunk. It must have
happend during the last 8 hours.

Here the failing TC's:

FAIL: gcc.dg/cpp/assembler.S spurious warning (test for bogus
messages, line 7)
FAIL: gcc.dg/cpp/assembler.S (test for excess errors)
This might be a dejagnu bug.  It may also be some silly OS bug when
spawning lots of processes.  It gets confused, and you end up getting
bogus errors.  I don't know if this is fixed in Jaguar, but I know
that in previous versions you'd have to do "make check" a few times
and report the union of the runs :).

Perhaps Jim Ingham can elaborate on this.  He had explained the bug to
me in more eloquent words.

...and perhaps, it's an actual regression failure..


Jim Ingham                         
Developer Tools
Apple Computer

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