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Re: PR 7765 and internationalization

On 09-Oct-2002, Gabriel Dos Reis <> wrote:
> Under some circumstances, the internationalization machinary returns a
> null pointer for a diagnostic that is not translated, causing an ICE
> where there is none as the compiler is properly concerned --
> that seems to happen only with some $LANG != C.  PR 7765 concerns such
> a behaviour.  Personnaly, I don't know what to such with a report. 
> Close? ...?

So there is a bug in a library that GCC is using, which is not part of GCC?

I would advise the following procedure:
	1. Report the bug to the external library provider.
	2. [Optional] If the library source is available, fix it! :-)
	3. Add a work-around in the GCC sources
	   (this is desirable even if the bug is fixed --
	   many users might still be using the old version of the library).
	4. If the problem can't be worked around in a manner that is completely
	   transparent to the end user, document the problem in the "Trouble"
	   section of the GCC manual.
	5. Once steps 1 and either 3 or 4 have been done,
	   close the bug report.

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