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On Fri, 4 Oct 2002 wrote:

> I would suggest to always run HTML Tidy on the pages, even if correct.
> With the right options, it gives the pages a nice formatting so that they
> are more readable. I always do it on my own pages.

Readability to humans of the HTML source of generated web pages that will
only be read by web browsers hardly seems useful.  It might well make
sense to run it to make the formatting of the source in CVS that is edited
nicer, but there you need to avoid e.g. adding a DOCTYPE since the source
in CVS doesn't include the DOCTYPE, it's added in preprocessing.

> - in page onlinedocs/gcc-2.95.3/chill.html the DOCTYPE should be first

I don't expect anything to be done about regenerating the older release
manuals (3.0.x and earlier) generated with texi2html because those manuals
weren't adapted for makeinfo --html.  (Though Tidy could be run over the
generated HTML for them, since they're not going to be regenerated later
with more recent tool versions (to keep URLs stable).)  The later (3.1,
3.1.1, 3.2, mainline) manuals can be regenerated with some subsequent
makeinfo version that supports XHTML (since makeinfo --html now uses
stable URLs based on node names).

Joseph S. Myers

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