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Bootstrap failure on sparc-unknown-netbsdelf1.5W

I built gcc 3.2 with --enable-languages=c,c++ for this target
(natively) and it seemed to work fine. I decided to do a complete
bootstrap so that I could report the results. I did not make clean
between the "make" and later "make bootstrap". This bootstrap failed.

I ran make clean and then reran make bootstrap. The results were no

Bootstrap comparison failure!
attribs.o differs
bb-reorder.o differs
bitmap.o differs
builtins.o differs
c-common.o differs
c-format.o differs
c-parse.o differs
c-pragma.o differs
c-semantics.o differs
c-typeck.o differs
calls.o differs
cfg.o differs
cfganal.o differs
cfgrtl.o differs
collect2.o differs
combine.o differs
conflict.o differs
cppdefault.o differs
cpphash.o differs
cpplib.o differs
cse.o differs
cselib.o differs
cxxmain.o differs
dbxout.o differs
debug.o differs
df.o differs
diagnostic.o differs
dwarf2asm.o differs
dwarf2out.o differs
dwarfout.o differs
emit-rtl.o differs
errors.o differs
except.o differs
explow.o differs
expmed.o differs
expr.o differs
final.o differs
flow.o differs
function.o differs
gcc.o differs
gccspec.o differs
gcse.o differs
genattrtab.o differs
genemit.o differs
gengenrtl.o differs
genopinit.o differs
genpreds.o differs
genrecog.o differs
genrtl.o differs
ggc-common.o differs
ggc-none.o differs
ggc-page.o differs
haifa-sched.o differs
ifcvt.o differs
insn-attrtab.o differs
insn-emit.o differs
insn-output.o differs
integrate.o differs
intl.o differs
jump.o differs
langhooks.o differs
local-alloc.o differs
loop.o differs
optabs.o differs
params.o differs
predict.o differs
prefix.o differs
print-rtl.o differs
profile.o differs
read-rtl.o differs
real.o differs
recog.o differs
reload.o differs
reload1.o differs
reorg.o differs
resource.o differs
rtl.o differs
sched-deps.o differs
sibcall.o differs
simplify-rtx.o differs
sparc.o differs
stmt.o differs
stor-layout.o differs
stringpool.o differs
tlink.o differs
toplev.o differs
tree.o differs
unroll.o differs
varasm.o differs
cp/call.o differs
cp/class.o differs
cp/decl.o differs
cp/decl2.o differs
cp/dump.o differs
cp/error.o differs
cp/except.o differs
cp/expr.o differs
cp/init.o differs
cp/lex.o differs
cp/mangle.o differs
cp/method.o differs
cp/pt.o differs
cp/rtti.o differs
cp/search.o differs
cp/semantics.o differs
cp/spew.o differs
cp/tree.o differs
cp/typeck.o differs
cp/typeck2.o differs
*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1


There goes the second 15 hours of compiling :(

Binutils is version 2.9.1.

Is netbsd one of the targets where object files can not be reliably
compared, or is something wrong?

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