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Re: Possible GPL violation?

Oh, I know all about that. Problem is, they're not doing anything at all, 
basically. They're just stalling the whole thing. First, they don't keep an 
ftp-site or a webpage where you can download it. The only way to get the 
source code is to email a certain guy. This is stated in a readme file. So, 
that's what I did. Turns out that guy is not in charge anymore, and the guy 
he forwarded my request to just forwarded it to some other department. (The 
"release dept.", as he said.) 

Why all this trouble? I mean, what's wrong with a tarball on their webpage? I 
get a feeling that obtaining the source code may not be that easy. They're 
not very cooperative.

/Fredrik Persson

On Wednesday 28 August 2002 19.49, Robert Dewar wrote:
>  code! :)
> They have no obligation to distribute the source code at no cost. But they
> can only charge a reasonable amount for the source code (of course if they
> custom make a CD ROM this cost may be non-zero), and they must distribute a
> written offer outlining the costs.

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