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Re: C++ ABI Issues

Joe Buck <> writes:

| Gaby writes:
| > Well, if the compiler were to be issueing a warning about a class
| > being laid out differently according to ABI differences, then it
| > certainly should be possible to tell the nature of the difference and
| > how things change from one set to the other.  That means, the compiler
| > should be able to do the adjustment.
| The compiler can warn that gcc 3.2 and a compiler that implements the ABI
| document correctly will lay out a class differently.  But given this
| knowledge, how is it supposed to figure out what the user wants to happen?
| It doesn't know which compiler compiled the "other half" of the code: the
| library being called, or the caller of the library.

Aren't we talking of a bug in GCC -- which other compilers known to
implement the ABI don't have?


| You appear to assume that these padding objects will be needed all over
| the place.

No.  I'm not comfortable with using warts and code uglification to try
to do the compiler's work.  We do know the bugs we're talking about.

-- Gaby

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