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Re: REPOST: Announcing the basic-improvements and faster-compiler branches

On Monday, August 26, 2002, at 12:57  PM, Mark Mitchell wrote:

--On Monday, August 26, 2002 12:40:48 AM -0700 Zack Weinberg <> wrote:

I'm reposting this since it got no reaction the first time round,
which was toward the end of the week, so perhaps it dropped off
people's radar.
Thanks for setting up these branches.

Checkins to this branch require approval as if they were being
considered for checkin to the mainline during Stage 2 development.
Yes; if that policy is adhered to, then I hereby pre-approve the patch
that merges from that branch into the mainline after the mainline is


I'm not sure what checkin policy is appropriate for this branch.
Me neither; I expect we'll have to re-review patches there as they
make it to the mainline, though...
Assuming things on the faster-compiler-branch actually make the compiler significantly faster, it should be a review limited to code only, rather than design (IE don't ask the people to make massive changes to patches because the reviewer thinks it would make it "better"). Not that design changes are often requested, but it would at least probably make some people more willing to put stuff on a branch, if they felt they weren't going to have to completely redo it for the mainline. I expect it would just make people feel better, and in the rare case it does occur, we have an answer for it.

After all, if the design is proven to work on the faster-compiler-branch (and a reasonable check-in policy/good discussions before hand), the person reviewing it shouldn't have to do much but point out bugs, etc.

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