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Re: [tree-ssa] AST optimizer in C++?

Op ma 26-08-2002, om 16:02 schreef Pop Sébastian:
> On Sun, Aug 25, 2002 at 07:12:03PM -0400, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> > Plus, there are optimization passes that might not be run on SSA (some 
> > loop optimizations).
> > 
> > Once again, forcing SSA on the representation itself means they have to 
> > care about it (or you've limited when they can be run), while annotations 
> > have no such limitations.
> > 
> okay.  I get the idea.
> > There is no good reason to actually make it part of the form, 
>   I'd like we examine also the case of DECL_STMTs that seems to fall under the 
> same pattern.  
>   For now we have a symbol table that spreads all over the tree.  DECL_ nodes
> define entries in this symbol table.  Isn't a "stand alone" symbol table a better 
> representation for storing this information?  It's probably a good way to store 
> variable declarations in C-like languages, but what about fortran and other 
> languages?  

What do you mean by "stand alone"? You mean, one big separate table for,
say, each function? I don't see how you would declare a local entity
with such a symbol table.

Why would there be any difference between C and other languages?


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