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successful build

[root@carbide gcc3]# /download/gcc-3.2/config.guess
[root@carbide gcc3]# gcc -v
Reading specs from /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.2/specs
Configured with: /download/gcc-3.2/configure  : (reconfigured) 
/download/gcc-3.2/configure --enable-languages=c,c++,java,objc
Thread model: posix
gcc version 3.2
[root@carbide gcc3]# cat /etc/issue

Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla)
Kernel 2.4.18-3 on an i686

[root@carbide gcc3]# rpm -q glibc
For redhat 7.3 there are conflicts with removing tcl rpm, and I was unsure of 
how to have one rpm version and one source version, and the build of dejagnu
could not detect the presence of the redhat versions, and I could not figure 
out the library locations yet, so no testing.

How do you tell expect src build, or dejagnu where the tcl and expect 
libraries are  for redhat?  It assumes your tcl is source and no instructions 
for rpm package.....  gave up, may get newer rpms tcl, expect, and try 
dejagnu again....
set shows:

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