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Question of gcc versions...

I am writting cause I am facing to a problem with a program installation on
2 different machines : Solaris 8 (SPARC processor) and DYNIX on IBM
Solaris 8 was initially installed with gcc 2.95. We upgraded it with the
all-done package "gcc-3.0.3-sol8-sparc-local" found in the "sunfreeware"
website. We could install the program we had, and create the 4 different
We tried then to migrate the application on DYNIX. There gcc 3.03 was
initially installed. We thought that the migration wouldn't be so hard to
do, but we got wrong. Some include files were not found while installing it

For testing if the fact that we had the 2.95 version installed I renamed the
include directory "g++-3" and the gcc-lib directory
"/usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/sparc-sun-solaris2.8/2.95.3". I could once more
compile on Solaris, without any problem so I don't know if the 2.95 version
of gcc is ever used for compiling.
I just know that the binaries of 3.0.3 where installed in "/usr/local/bin"
and have certainly overwritten the binaries from the 2.95 version. 

My question is: Is it normal? And if the fact that I had 2.95 installed
matters, is it possible to remove it from Solaris? Or is it possible to
trace the different include files explored during the compilation?

I thank you by advance for answering to my questions.


        Arnes Tabakovic.

Software Beratungs-Institut AG
Arnes Tabakovic
Business Consultant
Christoph Merian-Ring 29
CH - 4153 Reinach/Basel

Telefon:                   +41 (0)61 717 36 54
Fax:                         +41 (0)61 717 36 10

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