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Re: Building glibc for a mult-lib --target=m68k-linux

On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 04:41:33PM -0400, Peter Barada wrote:
> >Does GCC accept an -mcpu= (or related) option to have this effect?  If
> >so, then you want the --with-cpu patch I posted on gcc-patches
> >(repeatedly, most recently last Friday).
> It has sperate -m switches to define which cpu(or set of cpus) you
> want to compile code for, at last look there were the following:
> -m68020, -mc68020, -m68000 -mc68000, -mfpa, -msky, -m68881,
> --m68020-40, -m68020-60, -m68030, -m68040, -m68060, -m5200, -m68851,
> -m68332 -mcpu32
> I'm adding
> -mcfv4:      Build for ColdFire v4 (5407 chipes, etc)
> -mcfv4e:     Build for ColdFire v4e (ColdFire v4 + MMU and FPU)
> There is no -mcpu= switch for m68k.

It doesn't (quite) support this yet.  It should be a small incremental
change though.

> How will your patch get integrated into the FSF tree so it shows up in
> gcc-3.2.1 and gcc-3.3?  That way when those come out, I(and others)
> don't have to remember the myriad of patches to apply to get a working
> toolchain.... 

Someone needs to review it first...

Daniel Jacobowitz
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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