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Re: Optimizer questions/issues with EBCDIC i370/s390 modes.

David Edelsohn wrote:

Dave Pitts writes:

Dave> I've a few questions concerning the operation of the optimizer when cross
Dave> compiling on an ASCII based system for an EBCDIC based system. These
Dave> things work correctly when compiling natively on an EBCDIC system. I'm
Dave> using the 3.2 release with my i370 changes.

	The right place to begin looking for strcpy and printf
optimizations probably  is builtins.c and c-common.c.

OK, got these figured out. Whew, is this getting ugly.

	The asms are trying to inline 32x32->64 multiply and equivalent
divide.  I think that impossible reload means that GCC can't figure out
how to generate valid instructions to move the arguments into the
registers required by the asm constraints.  Maybe the s390 port can
provide some guidance?

The s390 mode doesn't have any longlong.h entries. I'll have to think about this one.
Any idea who wrote these macros? They may have some insight.


Dave Pitts PULLMAN: Travel and sleep in safety and comfort. My other RV IS a Pullman (Colorado Pine).

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