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Re: gcc 3.2 on Solaris 8 ( problem)

Anthony Feick writes:

> I've already deleted the gcc build that gave me problems, so I'll try it 
> agian sometime later.


> We are building a cross-platform app (MacOSX, Windows, Solaris, Linux, and 
> hopefully FreeBSD) that needs 2-byte unicode characters.  In "gcc 3.0.4" on 
> Solaris this flag wasn't necessary to make -fshort-wchar work.  However, for 
> gcc 3.2 on Linux it seems to be necessary, and I assumed it was now for 
> Solaris as well.

Again, you should provide a testcase showing what fails without the
--enable-cxx-flags="-fshort-wchar".  I'd expect that with this flag, a
testsuite run fails high and low.

> Also, I guess I don't know what system functions this would interfere with.

This seems somewhat fishy to me: consider the -fshort-wchar docs:

     Override the underlying type for `wchar_t' to be `short unsigned
     int' instead of the default for the target.  This option is useful
     for building programs to run under WINE.

So this seems to have very limited use.  But this is probably something for
the language experts to comment upon.


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