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Re: 3.1.1: hash_map don't work

   Ok, thanks -- that worked.
   Is there a document with such gotchas?

   For gcc developers:
    If at all possible, it would be nice for g++
    to be more intelligent with error diagnostics
    in such cases. Having moved things around,
    it would make sense to add some code to intercept
    obvious error messages and add clarifications.

Andrew Pinski wrote:
I can reproduce it but it is not a bug, but a feature.
hashmap has moved to a different namespace: __gnu_cxx.

Andrew Pinski

On Monday, August 19, 2002, at 09:22 , Igor Markov wrote:


The following code gets compiled w/o problem by g++ 3.0.4,
but doesn't with g++ 3.1.1

#include <ext/hash_map>
using std::hash_map;
main() {}

/n/gagarin/z/imarkov/devel/ /usr/bin/g++-3.0 test.cxx
/n/gagarin/z/imarkov/devel/ /usr/bin/g++-3.1 test.cxx
test.cxx:4: `hash_map' not declared
/n/gagarin/z/imarkov/devel/ uname -a
Linux 2.4.18 #6 SMP Mon Jul 15 12:00:46 EDT 2002 i686 unknown

Can anyone reproduce this?
If not, I should bother my sysadmin, who installed both 3.0 and 3.1.
Otherwise, is it a bug or a feature?
Should I expect 3.2 to behave the same way as 3.1 or as 3.0 ?


-- Igor L. Markov (734) 936-7829 EECS 2211

   Igor L. Markov         (734) 936-7829       EECS 2211

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