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Re: `better conversion sequence' warning -W name?

OK, I successfully applied Phil's patches to 2.95.3,
and now am a happy owner of -Wnotanidiot silent compilation system!
All the code is the same!  Thanks again, Phil!


> On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 08:39:57PM -0400, Alexy Khrabrov wrote:
> > Thanks, Phil -- I didn't laugh so hard for a long time!
> > Now, in my CORBA implementations, one of which is 3GB of
> > compiled C++, it's quite often.  So I'm eager to patch
> > g++ with your patches.  I use gcc (1) 2.95.3 and (2) 3.1+. 
> > Question: can I apply these patches to these versions?
> Probably not, the sources have changed quite a bit in two years.  The change
> would have to be redone.  It would probably not be accepted now because
> there is currently a discussion about how to disable individual warnings,
> as well as a large consensus that there are too many command-line options.
> Phil
> -- 
> I would therefore like to posit that computing's central challenge, viz. "How
> not to make a mess of it," has /not/ been met.
>                                                  - Edsger Dijkstra, 1930-2002

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