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Re: Common C++ ABI

>>Some interoperability may be possible in some special circumstances.
>It remains pure unobtainium!  ;-)

For now, yes, but a gcc release is just one step of a long process.  It is
possible that 6 months from now you will be able to purchase a proprietary
C++ compiler that is interoperable with a GNU/Linux distribution built using
gcc 3.2.  It is the possibility of this that has gotten people excited.  We
just need to remember that we haven't gotten there yet.

>Maybe I was just thinking wishfully, but isn't this
>the whole point to standardizing binary interfaces?

Yes, the intent is interoperability between compilers from different vendors.
However, not all of the work is done yet.  Much has been accomplished already
though, enough to make this newsworthy.

>Is cross-version compatibility the only benefit of the
>new ABI?

The fact that we have a published C++ ABI means that we can now tell when gcc
is right or wrong, and this should make it possible to have C++ compatibility
from one gcc release to the next.  This is as yet an unproven benefit.  There
is a reasonable chance that we can achieve it for the gcc 3.3 release though.


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