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Re: Faster compilation speed

Mat Hounsell wrote:
>But why load and unload the compiler and the headers for every file in a
>module. It would be far more effecient to adapt the build process and start gcc
>for the module and then to tell it to compile each file that needs to be
>re-compiled. Add pre-compiled header support and it wouldn't even need to
>compile the headers once.

I was thinking the same thing, except without introducing new pragmas.
You could do the common (header) code precompiling only for modules listed 
on the commandline without having to save state to a file-based code 
respository.  i.e.:

 g++ -c [flags] module1.cpp module2.cpp module3.cpp

But compiling groups of modules at one time is contrary to the way most 
makefiles work, so it might not be practical.

Perhaps GCC already economizes the evaluation of common code in such 
"group" builds.  Can anyone comment on whether it does or not?

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