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GCC 3.2 suddenly fails every java test, CLASSPATH wrong

All of a sudden, every test in the java testsuite is failing in GCC-3.2:

It's not just me:

In the logfile, all of the failures look like this:

 > Can't find default package `java.lang'. Check the CLASSPATH
 > 	environment variable and the access to the archives
 > 1 error

The code in /libjava/testsuite/lib/libjava.exp is not setting the
CLASSPATH correctly:

 >     # Determine the version so we can find the libgcj jar file.
 >     set text [eval exec "$GCJ_UNDER_TEST --version 2>@ stdout"]
 >     regexp -- "gcj \[^ \]+ (\[^ \]+) .*" $text ignore gcc_version
 >     verbose "jar file is libgcj-$gcc_version.jar"
 >     [...]
 >     # Set the CLASSPATH environment variable
 >     verbose "CLASSPATH is
 >     .:$srcdir/$subdir:$objdir:$objdir/../libgcj-$gcc_version.jar"
 >     global env
 >     set env(CLASSPATH)
 >     ".:$srcdir/$subdir:$objdir:$objdir/../libgcj-$gcc_version.jar"

I think the regexp expects the date and "(prerelease)" strings which
normally appear, and when the version simply becomes "3.2" for the
actual release it gets confused.  I don't know this stuff well enough
to suggest a fix that works for both prerelease and actual release.

Looking back through the testresult archives, I see the same thing
happened for 3.1.1 and then magically fixed itself when the version
string returned to normal.  However it didn't fail for everybody.

Perhaps those who installed java already would get the jar file from
the system installation area when it couldn't find the local one
supposedly being tested.  That's just a guess.

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Director of Systems Architecture		Qwest Solutions

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