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Looking for help with the GCC web pages

I'll be offline for three weeks starting this Thursday and also some
further weeks in the coming months, so I'd like to ask for help wrt.
our web pages during that period and (if possible) also in general,
because I want to avoid being a single point of failure.

Basically, what I have in mind includes

  o checking the gcc list for user complaints (broken links) and trying
  to resolve these and provide feedback;

  o helping and encouraging other GCC developers updating specific web
  pages like gcc-3.3/changes.html;

  o processing those (few) patches being sent via gcc-patches.

  o ideally, following (some of) our mailing lists and trying to destill
  useful pieces of documentation asking other developers to help, for
  example by adding an announcement to our main page; and

  o running regular link checks (there are simple scripts for that);

It would be great could one or some of you help taking care of these
during those periods I am away, but I'd certainly appreciate also longer
term help or someone volunteering to co-maintain the web pages!

Gerald "Jerry"

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