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Re: GCC 3.2

 In message <>, Jakub Jelinek 
 >You mean gcc/testsuite/consistency.vlad stuff?
Nope.  This was something rather different.  We had hooks in the compiler
itself to dump out structure layouts for use by assembly coders.

It didn't even occur to us to use that infrastructure to solve the problem
that Vlad's layout checker solves.  The offset-info stuff would need some
beefing up, but it shouldn't be a terrible task.

 >IMHO it would be better to write a layout test generator, using all
 >combinations for the simpler tests and pick some hundreds tests at random for
 >more complicated tests.
You could certainly do this too.  The idea behind having it done in libstdc++
is that we can verify that sizes/layouts of any externally visible classes
and structures don't change from one rev of libstdc++ to another.  That
in conjunction with testing the signatures of every externally visible
function gives us a much better chance of keeping libstdc++ compatible 
from one rev to the next.


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