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RE: Faster Compliations - PCH support?

Does'nt Microsoft Visual C++ have this built-in?

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Shawn Starr
Sent: Sunday, August 11, 2002 4:19 PM
To: Neil Booth
Cc: Andrew Pinski;
Subject: Re: Faster Compliations - PCH support?

I was thinking PCH was generating p-code (bytecode) for header files to be
used when compiling sources.

On Sun, 11 Aug 2002, Neil Booth wrote:

> Andrew Pinski wrote:-
> > Read the archives, there are a few different PCH support for gcc
> > and one or a combination might be added to gcc.
> >
> > Also it is not the preprocessing that takes a long time but the
> > parsing that takes the longest time on c++.
> > So it might be faster to change the parsing code which is
> > ongoing, look at the cp-parse branch.
> I think you misunderstand the scope of PCH.  PCH does a lot more
> than preprocessing; it tends to combine all of preprocessing,
> parsing, decl creation, type layout, semantic checks and possibly
> even more into one.  Ideally it would represent all compiler state
> up to the point where the main file's real code begins.
> Neil.

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