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G77 question

Hi GNUfolk,

This email should doubtless go somewhere more appropriate.  I was, however,
unable to find any other address while perusing the online docs.
If you could inform me of a more appropriate venue, I will be happy to try
my question there.

I believe my issue is simple if I can address the question to the correct 
folks.  I am trying to help a colleague compile an f77 program using g77
and am seeing the following error:

           complex*16 scrap(ldims,maxn)
Array `scrap' at (^) is too large to handle

Changing the array values from scrap(2180,15400) to scrap(2170,15400) will
allow the program to compile without error.  I believe the array size crosses
the 512meg boundry between those two declarations, and suppose that is the
source of the "too large to handle" message.  I tried a similar sized array
in gcc and see no compiler errors messages.  I have tried this on several
Intel/AMD systems (all 32bit architecture) and would like to be running it
on one with 2G ram which it seems should easily handle this array.

Thanks for any help or redirection you can provide!

Cheers, Duane

Duane Gustavus
Academic Computing Services
University of North Texas
Denton, TX

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