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Ada-3.1.1 Makefile Madness

Hi folks...

I seem to have a makefile problem here while bootstraping gcc-3.1.1<c,ada>.

While following the <release>/INSTALL#build.html instructions for building a 
native Ada... 
When I reach the "make gnatlib_and_tools" step from within 
The archive building fails.

Descending into <release>/gcc-bld/gcc/ada and trying "make gnatlib" allowed 
me to capture the attached text which seems to indicate what is going wrong...

The "ar...." command expects the objects (except for "prefix.o") to be in the 
<release>/gcc-bld/gcc/ada/rts directory.
The two prior calls to "make" found SOME of them in <release>/gcc-bld/gcc/ada 
but didn't build, move or link them into <release>/gcc-bld/ada/rts.

To continue my build, I hand "cp -p 'd" the missing *.o's into rts and 
everything else seemed to work.

Would it be possible to get a "Makefile" generated in 
<release>/gcc-bld/ada/rts that understands how to go from ../*.ads -> *.o and 
also use mt-frag and mh-frag as appropriate?

The existing makefile (Makefile.adalib) in "rts" will build the *.o's in that 
directory but complains about the missing archives (which are yet to be 

I have made a few other comments in the attached "cut and paste" of the build 
output text attached.


Attachment: ada-3.1.1-fail.txt
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