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Release notes for GCC 3.2

This is the final version unless I messed up or there is a late change.

Informal release notes for GCC 3.2

3.2 is a small bug fix release, but there is a change to the application
binary interface (ABI), hence the change to the second part of the version

The main purpose of the 3.2 release is to correct a couple of problems in
the C++ ABI, with the intention of providing a stable interface going
forward.  Accordingly, 3.2 is only a small change to 3.1.1.

In addition, a number of bug fixes for the C++ standard library are
included in this release.

There is one platform-specific bug fix (for x86-64 - AMD's 64-bit
architecture) Other than that, for users of C, Java, Objective-C, Ada, or
Fortran, there are no significant changes with respect to 3.1.1.

Below you will find a list of the problem reports (PRs) from GCC's bug
tracking system (GNATS) that are known to be fixed in the 3.2
release. This list might not be complete (that is, it is likely that some
bug fixes have been missed).

To learn more about a particular PR, visit the link

and enter the PR number in the "View Problem Report" dialog box.  Then
click the "View" button.  It's not necessary to log in to view reports.

7320: g++ 3.2 relocation problem
7470: vtable: virtual function pointers not in declaration order

6410: Trouble with non-ASCII monetary symbols and wchar_t
6503, 6642, 7186: Problems with comparing or subtracting various types
		  of const and non-const iterators
7216: ambiguity with basic_iostream::traits_type
7220: problem with basic_istream::ignore(0,delimiter)
7222: locale::operator==() doesn't work on std::locale("")
7286: placement operator delete issue
7442: cxxabi.h does not match the C++ ABI
7445: poor performance of std::locale::classic() in multi-threaded applications

x86-64 specific:
7291: off-by-one in generated inline bzero code for x86-64

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