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Re: gcc 3.2's cpp breaks configure scripts

> > The Right Thing to do is not to add -I/usr/include because that can cause
> > subtle breakage as well.
> Or maybe the right thing is to fix autoconf so that it doesn't think a
> warning is a fatal error.

The problem is that there are very large numbers of GNU and other freeware
packages out there with this defect in their autoconf files. When we
release 3.2, people are going to have a bear of a time building
distributions. It will be seen as a gcc problem, even if a good argument
can be made that it is an autoconf problem.
So now would be a good time to be out pushing for projects to upgrade to autoconf 2.5+ (which I am told fixes the problem)?

Having had the situation kindly explained to me in another branch of this thread
I see 3 options
1. leave it as is, get out there and push (help even!)
2. drop the warning/enable disablement of warning (last option not liked)
3. add a flag which autoremoves any -I which causes the warning. (doubt this is going to go over too well either)
1 = lots of work
2 = back to before with lots of potential breakage...
3 = removes onus to fix the actual problem.


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