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Re: Apple's PFE for GCC is now available

On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 05:47, Stan Shebs wrote:
> Last year, I posted a message describing Apple's Persistent Front End
> (PFE) project (  I'm
> now pleased to announce that the complete source code is now both
> available and portable; it runs well on GNU/Linux, and likely other
> types of systems as well.
> When used to implement precompiled headers, PFE offers a considerable
> speedup; typically 6x for 100KLoc Mac headers, and as much as 12x on
> Linux using comparable synthetic headers.  (Of course, your results
> will vary considerably, depending on everything from system RAM to
> source file size.)  PFE has been in production use for building
> parts of Jaguar for some months now, so it's known to be reliable.

Hi Stan,

As a GCC user, would I need to restructure my project's includes to
benefit from PFE?

The reason I ask is that some pch implementations I've used (e.g.
borland's) seem to require a "one big header" approach with a pch header
that includes all the other headers. This means that if you change one
header file everything ends up rebuilding, which obviously negates some
of the build speedup benefits. Of course perhaps I'm just using the
borland pch incorrectly :)


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