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Explanation of compiler warnings and errors

For experienced users, one line compiler warnings and error
messages is sufficient.  Unfortunately, students learning C/C++
have a difficult time to deciphering such messages.

Are there any detailed help pages that explain the gcc/g++ error
messages, provide sample code which would cause the error message?
Such a resource would be very useful to beginners and might even
benefit more experienced users. Visual C++ has such a resource as a
part of the MSDN Library, but that has its own set of quirks.

Any help on finding such a resource or ideas on how to construct it
would be much appreciated.



Ps: It is possible to use VC++ or simplified version of C/C++ with
a more tailored compiler for beginning students, but I believe the
effort in maintaining such a toolkit and the need to eventually
move to gcc/g++ is more trouble than building additional support to

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