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Re: Crosscompiler C/C++ developement.

On Wed, 29 May 2002, Immanuel Litzroth mused:
>      Since our version of the xlC compiler has minimal C++ support we
> wish to explore the following path:
> 1) use gcc to compile the C++ core and the the C wrapper.
> 2) create a static library to deliver to the customer.
> 3) the customer uses xlC to compile and link to our library.
> the problem is that a test application generated according to this
> scenario requires me to link with libsupc++.a and libgcc.a and results
> in an application that dumps core.

If some C++ parts of a program are built by GCC, the program must be
linked by GCC. GCC runs a program called `collect2' to arrange for
global constructors and destructors to be called at the right time, and
such things.

> Can anyone tell if
> 1) this scenario is feasible

Not really, no :( you could always try to get collect2 to work outside
of GCC, but I don't know how big a job that would be.

You could alternatively use `gcc -v' to find out what command-line
collect2 is called with when linking your application, and call it in
the same way on the customer site to do the linking. (But this is rather

> 2) how to go about creating a fully functional application

Using GCC to link is the easiest course by far.

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