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GCC 3.1 on Mandrake 8.2 : successfull

Hi guys,

I've finally build GCC 3.1 on my Athlon xp 1700+ / ASUS A7N266E / 256 MB
/ 40 GB ATA133.

Here are the details of the exercice and the results.

Output of config.guess -> i686-pc-linux-gnu

%gcc -v 
Reading specifications from
Configured with: /home/thierry/tmp/gcc-3.1/configure 
Thread model: single
version gcc 3.1

Languages : I did not change anything from the core component. The only
thing is that the output is in french (I xlated it in english just

Distribution : Mandrake 8.2 - BlueBird (download edition)
Linux Kernel : 2.4.18-6mdk (genuine kernel from Mandrake)
GLIBC : glibc-2.2.4-25mdk

Again, as I've already read in other posts for other builds on Mandrake,
I had to manually change the filelinks to get my system use the right
gcc (as Mandrake don't seem to install the compiler components at the
"standard" place). Well, as they don't use a "standard" compiler (2.96),
what should they bother installing it at the right place).

I've already compiled other apps. since I've built the compiler and all
is fine.

Hope that helps.


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