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Re: 3.2 PATCH: Fully support parallel gnat1/gnatbind builds

Please pardon my ignorance of Ada and Gnat in these comments.

I wrote:
> > The usual way to handle such things is with configure-time tests: does
> > the existing Ada compiler support pragma Unreferenced?
> Correct.

No, I am asking: does the Ada compiler existing on the user's
system support the pragma?  It may or may not.

> > If so, use it, otherwise use pragma Warnings.
> This requires source code preprocessing, which is not a terribly good
> idea.

Well, C-like languages are properly attacked for misuse of the
preprocessor, but it's great for solving problems like this.
Given that it appears that the pragma directive has to appear in
many places, I can see why you don't want to do it.

> Note that pragma Warnings is unnecessary if suitable command line
> options are given, but there doesn't seem to be a way to force an
> older GNAT version not to generate warnings for unrecognized pragmas
> (which turn into errors in -gnatg mode).

Maybe the alternative is to be able to decide at configure time whether
to turn on -gnatg or not.  That way, users of older compilers could still
build, but they would see unrecognized pragmas warnings.

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